Sensitive skin/ Rosacea

Sensitive skin is not necessarily rosacea , but rosacea skin is certainly associated with sensitivity. If you have the more sensitive skin type, it is particularly important to use gentle, fragrance-free cosmetics. Also avoid drying products, overly foaming face washes or facial soaps because they upset the balance of the skin's barrier layer that protects the skin, which can be the source of many problems. If you think your skin symptoms go beyond being a sensitive skin type, it's worth consulting a doctor as you may be experiencing more serious rosacea symptoms. The primary symptoms of rosacea are flare-ups of redness or permanent redness on the cheeks. It can also be accompanied by split capillaries and acne. The right cosmetics can bring relief to the skin, but more severe rosacea symptoms may require medication. Proper sun protection is an essential part of skin care, especially for sensitive skin. Physical, or mineral, sunscreens are safe to use on sensitive skin because the ingredients they contain do not cause irritation to the skin.