Prevention is one of the most important steps against pigment spots. Find the sunscreen that feels comfortable on your skin and use it every day, even in bad weather. If you have already developed a problem, AHA acids, retinol and vitamin C containing products can be used very persistently to fade pigment spots. Brown spots on the skin are caused by melanin, produced by melanocytes in our body. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation in our skin. When our skin is exposed to sunlight, melanin acts as a protective factor, absorbing the harmful rays of the sun. The darker the skin the more melanin is produced. Altough it's less prone to sunburn, pigment spots are more common in darker skin tones. There are several different types of pigentation depending on how they develop. One of the most common forms of pigmentation is sun spots or age spots. It is a problem in areas exposed to sunlight and can affect almost anyone who does not take adequate care of their sun protection. It can appear on both the face and the back of the hands.